Put “Personal” Back in Your Communications!

FullSizeRender 186Business communications have become increasingly electronic, almost to the exclusion of everything else.

As a result, personal, handwritten communication has increased in value! Overcoming your personal devotion to efficiency and ease, you may want to consider some of the very simple ways you can re-introduce handwritten communications to your portfolio of business-builders.


For starters, try carrying a few pre-stamped postcards in your briefcase. When you’re standing in line, taking off or landing on an airline, or otherwise trapped in a mostly nonproductive time warp, pull out your cards and write a few lines to a client, or a prospect or referral source. A handwritten note from you will separate you from the pack, when that prospect is teetering on the brink of a decision.

When you’re traveling, pick up a few postcards or stationery from your hotel (yes, most still have them.) Start your note with, “I found myself in New Haven this morning, and thought of the conversation you and I had last Tuesday, about your…” You thought of your client while traveling! What a notion! Use a regular first-class stamp, not the postcard stamp, as it conveys the spontaneity you’re seeking, and you can afford the few cents’ difference–to make a difference! The note doesn’t need to be perfect, either–sometimes, a blotch or a crossed-out error adds to the feeling of “real” communication.

Ironically, the enemy here (your computer) may also be an ally. Using business form postcards (Avery, or some other brand), you can endlessly vary a custom set of postcards that carry their own message, picture, or cartoon.

Let your creative, fun & personal side set you apart from your competition!


Could Humor Be Your Key to Success?

Bulldog workingOur latest “you should read this” came to us from Jan Foster, our geographically-split-personality rep in both the Sacramento and Portland business communities, as well as other places; it’s a blog post by Connie Dorigan, a recruiter and Jan’s friend, based in Portland.

Click here to read it, and resolve to laugh more! Note the effects on productivity and other key job behaviors…listen to laughter from your employees; if you’re not hearing any, you should be worried!

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