PXT Select™ featured in Human Resource Executive Magazine

We’re pleased to note that our flagship, new, improved jobfit assessment, the PXT Select™, is featured in the current issue of the magazine, which can be accessed by clicking here.

The article by Scott Allison, VP and Brand director for Wiley, is titled, “A Simple, Human, and Smart Approach to Hiring.” We like that a lot, as that’s our approach to the entire process of hiring, not just the assessment side!

Please contact us if you’d like to talk about how we can help with your hiring challenges!


Back in the saddle…a return to our original purpose!

Three years ago, in the course of producing a more-or-less regular blog on Human Resource and General Business topics, with an occasional trip off-topic just for fun, my business and personal life experienced an earthquake that disrupted EVERYTHING: My 10-year old daughter had a sudden and life-threatening health crisis that lasted for over 2 of those 3 years.

I over the ensuing 3 years, I hijacked this blog to inform interested people about her, and her health crisis, and her battle to live a normal child’s life. Thanks to God, and the hundreds of family, friends, and strangers who offered their support through her ordeal, and the eventual donor of the bone marrow transplant that saved her life, she has now made what appears to be a complete recovery, and is living that normal 6th-grade child’s life!

So, it’s time I return this blog to its original purpose of discussing business, hiring, assessments, Human Resources, and other topics in that general theme. I expect that many of you who subscribed to keep track of Tessa’s life will now choose to leave us…go with our best wishes, and thanks for your support through one of life’s most difficult passages! I have moved the account of Tessa’s battles, in a chronological timeline, to another site; you can access it by clicking here.

For those of you interested in the non-Tessa items, stay tuned! New posts are on the way!



50% of New Hires Fail! As Dr. Sullivan says, “Ouch!”

In an April 10, 2017 post in ERE media, Dr. John Sullivan discusses this absurdly expensive statistic, what’s behind it, and some thoughts about how we might do things differently–and better! You can read the entire article here.

Third among the 6 causes he lists? Intuitive decision-making!

Intuition rather than data-based decision-making — …over 75 percent of the decisions made during most corporate recruiting processes are made by humans relying on their own intuition, rather than data.” 

We’ll discuss that fact, and where one might find relevant and accurate data to improve the hiring process, in a post to follow soon!

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